Mysa Design Studio

Mysa is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Mumbai, specializing in Residential, Commercial and Retail design spanning diverse scales and scopes.

Our Story

When two passionate and creative Designers meet all that happens is fusion of ideas, art and creativity Which can be led to a masterpiece

when our co-founders paved their way into fusing their ideas together they explored that it came from a very simple philosophy of letting people’s vision into existence through design by helping them rejuvenate their spaces and giving them the experience they truly deserved

later on, they decided that the idea was worth giving a shot as it could help them create masterpieces and fulfil their philosophy at once. And that’s how the Mysa design studio came into existence where they specialized themselves in rejuvenating spaces such as residential, commercial and retail spaces and creating masterpieces at the end on a larger span and scope.

And Lastly,

When it comes to Interior Designing we can assure you its our forte but creating our own brand identity wasn’t ours honestly and that’s when Vikram Gaikwad from Underdog India came up with a logo which was a identity in itself helping us to build ourselves and put our work out there with utmost confidence.

Our Process


The programme data is analysed and the results are compiled in a Programme Document that articulates the design problem and outlines a solution.  The programme document is reviewed and approved by the client.

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Concept Development

Once the Design Programme Document is approved, the concept development phase begins.  The initial ‘ideation’ stage involves brainstorming design solutions (verbal, sketched or written) before filtering out unworkable ideas and refining the workable ones until one or more main design concepts emerge.

Design and Documentation

Final Working Drawings (also called ‘Construction Drawings‘) are produced.  These may include perspective drawings, site plans, floor plans, reflected ceiling plans (showing lighting and ceiling fixtures), sections, elevations and detailed drawing of architectural elements necessary for construction and development.

Construction Workers


Once the final design is approved, the execution or implementation phase marks the realisation of the design.  Contractors’ bids are sought and the designer prepares a detailed schedule of works, choreographing construction, installations and finishing in their proper sequence, which may be in the form of a Gantt Chart.


Our Quality Guarantee

when it comes to Interior Designing ,

we can assure you its our forte.

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